We bring brands to the next level

Due to our strong market knowledge and insight into distribution channels, specifically in the Nordic’s Scandinavia, Germany and Poland, we have become the official distributor for a number of powerful brands which we bring to the next level via our distribution setup and local presence via our partners.

We are close to the markets and are listed with major retailers and e-tailers where we know and cooperate with all relevant purchasing managers. Our sales team has extensive experience in acting as the right-hand man in the distribution link and in introducing new goods to new customers and markets.

Well-established setup

We always keep an eye on trends, new products and niche producers and are good at spotting new goods with a large potential.

In many cases, we act as the producer’s right-hand man in the distribution link and introduce the goods to new customers and markets. 

Last, but not least, we continuously supplement with goods from our trading activities. We purchase extra-large bulk consignments of particularly attractive goods that are put up for wholesaling in smaller quantities according to the customer’s requests via our warehouse.