We stay updated, possess know-how, have our own warehouse and logistics setup and the capital to relocate large consignments

More than 20 years of experience with trading of electronic products and now in the recent years also with food and non-food products across across international markets have made us one of Nordic’s most significant trading companies, i.a. with some of Nordic’s largest retail chains as our customers. We know the trading market well, and our own warehouse and logistics setup and the capital to relocate large consignments make us efficient trading specialists.

Trading is usually based on consignments where the goods are purchased back-to-back with delivery to one or more pre-approved customers. We also often purchase consignments to be placed at our central warehouse from where they are resold in smaller consignments.

In-depth market and product knowledge

Our experienced purchasers have an in-depth market and product knowledge and know how to utilise the possibilities that regularly arise based on the free movement of goods and different pricing in Europe. We purchase from from all over the world where the goods are the cheapest (without compromising the quality) or best available. Via our large network of sellers and buyers, respectively, we stay updated and are ready to strike when we see a good consignment. We always find the right buyer for an attractive consignment or source specifically the goods requested by our customers. 

Flexible logistics

Our warehouse and logistics ensure flexible logistics and make sure that the goods are delivered at the right place at the time agreed upon.

Your benefits as our trading partner

  • One of Nordic’s largest and most experienced trading companies
  • Unique market knowledge
  • In-depth product knowledge – we know what we move
  • Many approaches and possibilities
  • AAA-rated – financially strong business partner
  • Brief lines of decision-making and quick response times
  • Flexible warehouse and logistics setup